RexaZyte Ingredients

The best male enhancement pill on the market today isn’t all about hype; it’s a calculated combination of the finest all-natural ingredients designed to produce a collective outcome. For the first time in the male enhancement supplement industry, experts have come up with a way to make penis enlargement possible. Various reputable online sources say that penis enlargement is not possible with a pill, but RexaZyte’s vast range of scientific evidence proves otherwise.

The creation of RexaZyte was inspired by several scientific breakthroughs that suggest that penis enlargement is possible with oral supplements. The creators of RexaZyte pushed it further by combining various studies and coming up with their own assessments of which technologies to use on the final product, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. RexaZyte became the first male enhancement supplement that is fully-backed by clinical trials to prove its effectiveness as a penis enlargement pill.

RexaZyte compared to traditional erectile dysfunction drugs

RexaZyte presents itself as a viable alternative for traditional erectile dysfunction drugs. Unlike drugs which would require a prescription, RexaZyte is considered as a supplement. Therefore, people can buy RexaZyte without having to secure a prescription from their physician. However, it is recommended that people that have been diagnosed with (or suspect they have) cardiovascular diseases to check with their physician before taking a supplement like RexaZyte.

RexaZyte primarily works on the circulatory system, which requires extensive caution for people with cardiovascular problems. Although RexaZyte is relatively safe for everyone, it might cause complications or certain drug interactions. RexaZyte contains natural PDE-5 inhibitors, which allows it to have similar effects with drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. PDE-5 inhibitors are known to cause adverse reactions on people who are taking blood pressure medicine, as PDE-5 inhibitors have a tendency to lower the body’s blood pressure further.

RexaZyte Ingredients

The core effectiveness of RexaZyte starts with the pill itself. RexaZyte uses a special coating on the pills, called an enteric coating which protects the contents of the pill from being broken down by gastric juices during digestion. By protecting the contents, it allows the ingredients to be fully absorbed in the small intestine, and distributed throughout the body by means of circulation. The ingredients are specially engineered to be absorbed and effective at certain points in time through the delayed release technology. This allows each ingredient to reach peak effectiveness at any given point in time.

Here are the major ingredients of RexaZyte:


L-Arginine is one of the most commercially-available ingredients included in the formula of RexaZyte. You can find it in shampoos, hair growers, bodybuilding supplements, and of course – male enhancement supplements. RexaZyte uses a highly-concentrated form of L-Arginine, which triggers a dilation in the blood vessels. L-Arginine acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide then combines with GMP to form cGMP, an enzyme that triggers the smooth muscles in the arteries to relax, making them dilate and allow an increased volume of blood to flow.
L-Arginine solves the most critical problems of men when it comes to sexual function. Stenosis, or the abnormal narrowing of blood vessels, and Occlusion, which is the abnormal blockage of blood vessels, are two of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. By dilating blood vessels that supply blood to the penis, the L-Arginine in RexaZyte effectively eliminates these factors from affecting a man’s sexual function. L-Arginine is also the key ingredient that makes penis enlargement possible. By increasing the volume of blood that flows to the penis, the elastic penile tissue is forced to adapt and expand, making the penis permanently longer and thicker.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is one of the most popular male enhancement supplements of all time. Back in the 90s, it was called the Asian Viagra, as it became a popular alternative for the famed blue pill. Now, higher concentrations of Tongkat Ali was made available, and even more potent reactions surfaced. Tongkat Ali is a key ingredient in the RexaZyte formula as it fulfils three major functions. Its first function is to increase testosterone levels to greatly increase libido. Its second function is to act as a PDE-5 inhibitor, and its third function is to act as a free calcium blocker, which prolongs erections. Increased libido through Tongkat Ali means that the user would be more sensitive to sexual stimulus, and the user would experience more pleasure during sex. Increasing a man’s libido would increase the instances of having an erection, which would then influence the progress of penis enlargement. As a PDE-5 inhibitor, it also works synergistically with L-Arginine, as it inhibits phosphodiesterase-5, the compound that reduces cGMP levels in the body.

Maca Root

Maca root is a traditional Peruvian herb used for the fertility of livestock. Recent studies conducted about Maca concluded that it contains powerful compounds that could help improve the sexual health of both men and women. A highly-concentrated powder of Maca Root is used to maximize the effectiveness of RexaZyte. Maca root works by inhibiting oxytocin and prolactin in the brain – the two chemicals responsible for prolonging a man’s refractory period. The refractory period is a sexual phenomenon in men where men feel withdrawn or uninterested with sexual activities. Through Maca Root, men can be sexually-active again in just minutes following an orgasm.

Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama

Tribulus Terrestris and Muira Puama are two aphrodisiac herbs that are absorbed by the body in just minutes. These two herbs act as the fast-acting compounds of the formula, which causes an immediate reaction of its PDE-5 inhibitor properties in just minutes following the ingestion of the pill. These are the components that allow RexaZyte to effectively prevent erectile dysfunction while greatly increasing sexual function and pleasure.


As you can see from the ingredient profile of RexaZyte, every aspect of male sexual health has been considered. RexaZyte is widely-regarded as one of the most complete and cohesive male enhancement formulas ever produced.

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